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About this wiki

We started this wiki-space to collaboratively develop wiki pages related to salinity assessment, management and research. Collaboration is envisioned with the National Agricultural Research and Extension Services (NARES), Advanced Research Institutes (ARI) and sister CGIAR organizations.

Contact, join, contribute

Please contact me if you want to contribute as an editor. Send an email to: rsoppe --at-- gmail -- dot -- com (email address not linked to reduce spam).


Although the wikipedia space provides a great environment to collaborate on encyclopedic material, it does not provide a place for "grey literature" and so-called "original research". In our work-environment, we are using a considerable amount of grey literature, and "raw" data, sometimes collected by third parties. We are focused on synthesizing this information, and thus creating original research. Since this does not have its place in the encyclopedic Wikipedia, we are using the Salinity wiki to collect and present these analyses, observations and ideas.


We are still working on the correct approach towards distribution of the data and analyses. This is complicated by discussions about ownership of data or grey literature research. Since we are part of the CGIAR CG Research Progams (CRP), we strive towards an open access system, taking into account our partners policies and requirements. A more comprehensive copyright policy will be developed for this site.