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Welcome to the Salinity wiki. This wiki space is in development (as are all wiki-spaces). You are more than welcome to join the salinity wiki. Please note that only registered, invited users will be able to work on these pages. Please contact me if you want to contribute as an editor. Send an email to:

Salinity wiki initiative

The initiative to develop the salinity wiki is created within two CGIAR research programs (CRP). The CRP on Dryland Systems focuses on farm level interventions, relating them to farming systems, while the CRP on Water, Land and Ecosystems focuses on regional management of natural resources. Both CRP's have salinity activities that together combine into a salinity management strategy for different regions and different scales. This wiki is based, but not limited to the activities and findings of the activities within the CRP. Note that most research and implementation activities are conducted in very close cooperation of national partners. This wiki provides a source of information collected by the different partners, to allow further exchange of ideas and knowledge, in addition to making this information and knowledge available to the public in general.